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COVID19 Aditional Steps

Due to COVID19, Hugo's Moving is taking extra steps to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees is not compromised. We will continue to serve our customers through the coming weeks. Please have a look at our COVID19 Policy, we are asking customers to participate the best they can to ensure we all do our part. We are the only moving company in Vernon and the North Okanagan to come with out own P100 respirators.



Company policy


Wash hands as often as possible.


Wipe the truck interior; common surfaces like door handles, inside and out, and steering wheel with the disinfectant solution at the end of EVERY move.


Wipe all moving equipment with the disinfectant solution at the end of EVERY move.


Gloves are mandatory, either your comfort or company provided,

Gloves will be worn for the duration of the move, they will NEVER come off while moving.


Gloves must be disinfected after each move unless disposable then to be discarded.


Gloves must be removed and left in the back of the truck, they can not be worn to handle the door handles back door and cab, they will never enter the cab.


The truck and equipment will be Disinfected at the end of the day when returning to the yard.

Complete cab clean, windows, door handles all inside panels, including wiping seat and seat belts at end of the day.


Fueling up will be done in the evening by management.


If you visit a high-risk facility such as hospitals or other health care facilities or come into contact with a person showing symptoms of being ill you must let us know.


If you show symptoms of being ill, you must stay home and seek proper medical care.



Customer policy


 In light of the COVID19 situation, Hugo’s moving will not be offering an in-home estimate for regular moves until further notice.


Don’t worry though, we have been doing this for a long time we will be able to get you an accurate estimate over the phone or via email.


We will still come out to inspect jobs and provide estimates for specialty moving.


Hugo’s moving is taking extraordinary precautions to keep our trucks and equipment clean.


We are asking that you clean your furniture as you pack to help us protect everyone's health and safety.


The health and safety of our customers have always been the number one priority of Hugo’s Moving, we are making every effort to maintain the highest health and safety protocols possible.


We have added measures in place to ensure employee safety when requested by employees


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