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Long Distance moving

Hugo's goes where you go!


Hugo's Moving offers long-distance moving services to all of Canada.


We have the trucks, equipment, experience

And the right people to get your home across the country with ease.

Long distance top

Other Services

Easily add one or more of these services to your long distance move.

Whether you're moving across Canada, or across BC Hugo's moving can take you there. We offer a more personalized moving experience than the van lines, and can often have you moved in a more timely & friendly fashion.

Our long distance movers are well trained before we send them on the road.

Our system is efficient and low risk, while most van lines will load up your goods into one truck, they may cross load it two or three more times handing it off to a new crew before it makes it to your new home risking loss or damage to your goods, that is a risk we don't take.

Our pricing is competitive with all the major van lines.

Trailer in storage yard

Trailer in storage yard

Once loaded our trailers are in a secure facility

Boxes, Sweat & Tiers

Boxes, Sweat & Tiers

The average three bedroom home is between 7,000 and 10,000 lbs

Customs pick up

Customs pick up

Bonded wearhouse pick up from the USA, no problem.



How we keep your home looking good.

Center of Canada

Center of Canada

Let us do the hard work while you enjoy your cross country trip

Southern Ontario?

Southern Ontario?

No problem, the bigger the load, the further we go.

Boxes, Sweat & teirs

We know how stressful moving to a new city can be,

So we take our time to plan every step of

Your move before the moving day arrives.


We offer free in-home estimates and competitive pricing.


Hugo's Moving makes tailor-made packages for each individual customer.


Our professional drivers and their crew members

Are trained to prepare and pack your furniture for a

Successful journey cross country to your new home.


Our cross country moves are completed by Hugo's Moving ltd

We take care of our customers from start to finish.

Long Distance Pricing

Long-distance moves are complicated enough that's why Hugo's moving offers simple pricing solutions for all our long-distance moves.

We charge by the pound, plus an origin and destination charge.

Hugo's moving will provide a certified scale ticket before loading

Once the truck is loaded we will scale the truck for the loaded weight.


When you are ready to book your move with Hugo's Moving we will collect a deposit, the remaining balance is collected on delivery.

Book wth us

Hugo's Moving Has You Covered

Hugo's moving has you covered in more ways than one.

We start by taking care of your furniture. Our policy is to wrap Furniture within the home.

We use thick moving blankets to protect most furniture, plastic wrap is used for cloth and leather-covered furniture such as couches, lazy boys, chairs etc.

We always place mattresses and box springs into bags to keep them clean.

Hugo's Moving is fully insured, you can rest easy knowing we got you covered.

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