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Hugo's Moving does not operate its own storage facility, we are happy to arrange and manage your storage needs for you, or you can check out these options.


We recommend a few facilities around town based on our own experiences, they are clean, reputable and friendly. 

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Traditional Storage

Traditional storage facilities offer many different sizes of storage lockers, some offer climate-controlled storage. 


We recommend a few local storage facilities based on our impressions dealing with these facilities over the years.


We find them clean and reputable.


Traditional Storage

Recommended Storage Facilities 

Trailer in storage yard.jpg

Stor it Place

The Stor-It Place has been providing customers in and around Vernon with affordable personalized storage solutions for over 20 years.


Storage for your life

Clean, Secure storage. We have consistant good experinces with this location.



Super self storage Salmon-arm BC, is proud to serve customers in Salmon-arm and area



Highway Six storage, your best bet in Lumby.

Reccomended storage

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is a great storage solution, it is budget-friendly and can reduce the risk of loss or damage to your goods.


Mobile storage companies offer two sizes of storage containers, 8' x 20' and 8' x 10', they are dropped off at your home empty for us to load. 


With mobile storage, you reduce your risk of damage and loss and can save money on your move as your home is only handled twice, once to load into the container second out of the container.


We load the sea containers like they were a moving truck box, this ensures your goods will travel successfully without damage to your new home. 


Sea containers are sealed watertight and impossible for pests to enter.


Check out these trusted Mobil storage companies.


Mobile Storage
Sea container
Sea container
Portable Storage
sea container

Hire Hugo's Moving to Load your Portable Storage

Hugo's Moving will load your portable storage unit as efficiently as possible. Some customers have told us we make moving look like an art, and it is. It is not just about the manpower, experience goes a long way, we have the tricks needed to maximize your storage space saving you money and time. 


Our crew will prepare your furniture like it is going on our truck because it is going to travel. We do this by wrapping couches and beds with stretch wrap. We can rent you moving blankets for your larger and nicer furniture, we will also use your linens to wrap up your furniture. This allows us to load tight and stack to the ceiling ensuring your goods won't shift in the load and cause damage while the box is being loaded and unloaded or driven down the road.


Check out our shop for moving blankets bed bags and plastic wrap, don't forget our tips page for tips on preparing for moving day.


Recommended mobile Storage Companies 

Rccmnd Mobile storage


Portable storage container sales and rentals to customers throughout the Okanagan region.

Portable Storage.jpg


Secure-Rite Mobile Storage in Vernon offers 24/7 access to your storage containers.



We only purchase NEW shipping containers, which means they are clean and fresh!

sea container.jpg


We offer secure storage for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

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